Planning On Moving Soon? Here Is The Quickest Way To Get The Final Clean Done

Anyone who has experienced what it is like to move house can relate to how stressful the entire experience is. The best approach to getting the cleaning done in the most stressful way possible is to plan your move ahead of time because planning and organization are what are going to avoid you lots of stress during your move. Cleaning the house for the last and final time is quite a big task and is very important so take note to remember to try and not leave this laborious task for the last minute when things are most chaotic.

The most appropriate time to clean your house is when all your furniture has been taken apart and dismantled and then packed. If getting the cleaning done on the day of the move sounds way too stressful for you then fear not because you do have some options in terms of help, some removal companies offer cleaning as an add-on and can get it all done for you. If you are reading this, however, then you are probably planning on doing the cleaning yourself, so lets dive into the best way to get it done.

The best approach to getting the cleaning done in the quickest way possible while also getting it done properly is to clean one room at a time. Only move onto another room when you have completed the one you are in. Doing it this way will ensure that you do not forget to do some things which can be very easy to do.

Before you start cleaning make sure that you have all your cleaning supplies at hand. Remember to keep these out before you empty your house and pack everything away. Here is a list of the basics that you will need –

Microfiber mop from
, Multi-purpose cleaner, Glass cleaner, Microfiber duster, Dustpan and broom, Gloves

To start, go ahead and dust the room as you normally would, clean the windows, and sweep up any obvious pieces of dirt. Then get ready to dust mop. Since the house is most probably going to be empty then the biggest job is going to be mopping the entire house floor which will take you ages if you use a regular mop and bucket. Rather get a large flat microfiber mop which will get your cleaning done in less than half the time it normally takes you to mop your floor.

Use the dust mop pad from the microfiber mop kit to clean the dust off the floor. This saves you from having to vacuum the entire house. Once you dust mopped, go ahead damp mop with the microfiber mops wet mop pad, and then you are done.