Landscaping: The Art of turning Homes into Paradise

One of the best ways of improving the image of your home is through landscaping. There is nothing as good as enjoying the environment around your home. Landscaping also improves the value of your home. To be able to get the best landscape for your lawn then it is better to hire a professional landscaper.

One of the most prominent benefits to hiring a professional to landscape your yard is that a professional landscaping company can develop a customized plan to transform your yard into your very own paradise. When you decide you want to landscape your lawn, a professional landscape designer comes to your home to examine the amount of space he or she has to work with, as well as the type of soil you have, the extent of available drainage, and the height, width, and depth of your lawn to create a custom landscape design for you. After time to prepare them, the landscape designer shows you several projections of possible landscape designs and allows you to choose the one you like best. This is a critical component of hiring a professional, as it enables you to see the landscape when it is complete as well as in several years when all the plants and trees have had time to germinate fully.

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Before hiring a landscaper you need to know them. It is also important to know what exactly you want. This will enable you to ask the right questions.

Jon Zalewski, business development manager of Professional Grounds in Lorton, Virginia, suggests you determine your landscape wants and needs. If you’re solely interested in a healthy lawn and don’t require additional landscape services, it may be best to seek a company specializing in residential lawn services.

  1. Are you bonded and fully insured?

It’s often the first question you should ask anyone who does work in or around your home.

It’s especially true for landscapers, who might be moving heavy plants and trees, as well as operating machinery on your property.

  1. How long have you been in business?

Make sure the contractor you hire has the experience, manpower and skill to handle your project. You don’t want to hire a company that will offer more than it can deliver.

A long-standing company will usually have an office and a website.

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You can also play your role in saving our planet by ensuring that its resources such as water are not wasted. You can work with your landscaper in ensuring that as much as your lawn and yard are beautiful, they are also environment friendly.

People are becoming more and more concerned about the planet and the environment these days, and they’re extending this thinking to the way they plant their lawns and design their landscape. The traditional sprawling green lawn covered with sprinklers looks like it’s becoming a thing of the past. The benefits of using flowering shrubs, food plants and trees to conserve water and reduce household cooling expenses are being appreciated more all the time. When considering an eco-friendly landscape design, keep the following goals in mind:

Reducing the consumption of water through xeriscaping (“dry landscaping”) – using plants that require less water

  • Preserving water quality
  • Reducing the costs of heating and cooling in your home
  • Avoiding use of pesticides
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Preventing the erosion of soil
  • Promoting biodiversity

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