What To Expect From A Landscape Maintenance Service

Every homeowner wants a nice yard, however knowing how to make that happen may be a different issue? As a homeowner, you may need a entire lawn care company, a maybe only a gardener, or possibly both. If you decide to go with a lawn care company, you will likely have many programs and add-ons to select from. Here’s what you can anticipate:

Yard Care Services

Lawn care businesses provide programs that promote the health of your lawn year-round and some services that aren’t required over and over again.

What’s generally provided in a lawn care and maintenance program:

A lawn care program includes periodic services. These programs most commonly consist of fertilization and weed control – the two essential things to getting your stunning green lawn. In many states, a minimum of six visits is key to a healthy yard. Some quality landscaping companies will provide as many as 8 visits in their plans.

What differs:

Not every yard care program is created equal. When you are making your choice, find out what makes each program incredibly valuable. Does it consist of grub control or treatments for surface feeding bugs? Are results guaranteed, and if so, what does that mean for you?

What are some add-ons:

In addition to core lawncare programs, there are frequently add-on services or premium plans. Some possible additions include:

– Aeration and seeding
– Lime applications
– Tree and shrub care
– Mosquito control

Landscaping Services

Landscaping business are more involved with the superficial aspects of your outside space, designing and maintaining your lawn and flowerbeds.

Services generally include:

– Mowing
– Landscape design
– Planting
– Mulching
– Weeding of flower beds
– Spring cleanup

If you’re interested in having design or installation work done, you might want to find a full-service landscape design company. Many business specialize in yard maintenance and may not have all the resources to create and execute a plan from scratch. Make sure you have at least a basic plan in mind prior to speaking with a landscape designer.

There is a saying in the business world that individuals are searching for 3 things: best price, highest and finest service. If you understood that you could only have two of the three choices, which 2 are the most crucial? Now that you’ve asked yourself the crucial questions, it’s time to find the best business.

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