How To Transform Your Victorian Home With Shutters

If you have purchased a Victorian ( or Victorian Style) home and wish to transform your new home and replicate Victorian authenticity then installing shutters may be the answer.

The Victorian era houses in the United States are a mix of differing styles that were prominent during the Victorian Era.

The Victorian time period,covering the reign of Queen Victoria in England from 1837 to 1901 encompassed quite a few styles. Today the Folk Victorian Style house is still popular as well as the older Victorian Bay window styling.

Both these types of homes would benefit from installation of shutters to protect and beautify an investment.

Interior shutters were very popular in the Victorian age.The architects of that time used shutters indoors in many different ways.

Interior Shutters

Many Victorian homes have installed plantation shutters instead of curtains and drapes to tie in with the Victorian theme.

The advantages of these interior shutters are:

There is control over lighting and air flow. Plantation shutters are designed with large louvers which can be adjusted to regulate the amount of sun entering a room as well as providing a cost effective way to provide insulation against cold weather.

A common use of shutters in a Victorian house is the cafe style. This is when the the lower part of the window is covered with plantation style shutters leaving the top part of the window exposed.

These shutters allow for stained glass windows ( Popular in Victorian times ) to still be visible.

Bay windows are often a feature in a Victorian style house.These were built to allow for extra light to enter a room and make it appear larger. By fitting louvered plantation shutters to these windows this light function can still be utilized but closed up when required for privacy.

Many Victorian Houses had up to two floors above ground level. If you are looking to create Victorian authenticity in your house but use modern shutters then keep in mind that normally darker more solid shutters were fitted internally on the 1st Floor for privacy and security.The shutters on the 2nd floor would be louvered ( i.e. plantation shutters) to allow breeze to enter during hot summer months.

Shutters do not only have to be installed at windows but were in fact often used in Victorian times to separate rooms and provide privacy.

It is possible to install shutters on tracks which when moved can open up and transform a room.

Exterior Shutters

Many Victorian houses had shutters fitted on the exterior windows. Providing these shutters are installed correctly, giving a look of being operable ,they can greatly increase the curb value and transform a dull exterior house into an attractive home. As mentioned though it is advisable to contact a professional who will make sure that your exterior shutters are fitted in such a way that they will compliment the Victorian features and highlight the origins of your home.

Consider installing shutters and transform your enchanting Victorian Homem.