Sometimes It Makes Sense To Replace Air Conditioning Systems

If you have been living with an air conditioning system in place, sometimes you may be held between keeping on repairing or replacing the entire system altogether. Its the same decision you have to make with your car. Most of the times, it makes sense to repair and move on. However, other times the idea to buy a new car is ideal. What remains a fact is that your systems will not run 100% effectively forever. Having been made by man, you can bet they will nag you at some point. So, how do you know when the system crosses the line and is in for a replacement? Here are the signs that should affirm your decision to replace rather than repair.

Too much age
Even the air conditioning systems have their twilight ages. Nothing is built to live forever. Even the manufacturers of air conditioning systems do appreciate that there is a maximum number of years that the system is expected to last. For many brands, its about 20 years although the number can be exceeded with proper maintenance practices. It is more likely that the system will serve you for the first 15 to 20 years. Not that the system will understand its time is over and break down after 20 years. Its just that the system will start developing a series of repair needs that may not be cost-effective. Rather than wasting money repairing such a system, it is better to invest on a new one and freshen things up. You will forget about repairs for at least the next decade having to attend to the system only occasionally.

Super expensive repair bills
Normal repair services for your system are understandable. The problem comes in when the hvac repair costs a fortune. The brain of a wise man will start to see the cost factor comparing how much a new system would cost. As a matter of fact, use the 50% rule to make an informed decision. If your repair bill is quoted to be over half the buying price of a new system, it only makes sense to go for the new system.

Hiking energy bills
With age, the air conditioning systems tend to be less energy efficient. You can tell of this if the energy rates remain the same but the energy bill keeps on shooting higher. Bringing a new system will save you the extra dollars going into the energy charges.

Home remodeling plan
If you plan to remodel your home, chances are that you are about to increase the home size. Air condition are rated to serve certain home sizes. The old system may not be able to serve the remodeled home effectively necessitating a new system.

With these reasons on board, there is no doubt that a new system will be the best solution.