The Importance Of Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning can be a very boring and mundane work but is necessary all the same. If you have a chimney in your house, then you should get it inspected or cleaned at regular intervals. This will not only help in prolonging the life of your chimney but will also safeguard you from fire related accidents. Whenever you use your fireplace, chimneys help in facilitating the smoke to escape. Prolonged usage over time leads to the deposition of soot and chemicals like creosote in the internal side of your chimneys. This prevents the smoke from escaping causing all types of problems.

Why should chimneys be cleaned?

Chimney cleaning is necessary because of a multitude of reasons. Some of them are:

Soot Deposit: Whenever logs are burned, the primary constituent of the smoke that is released is soot. This soot gets collected in the internal linings of the chimneys thus effectively blocking it day by day. Moreover, this soot can also settle down on the furniture if they cant find a way out and reduce their glaze and beauty.

2 Creosote Deposit: Creosote is one of the harmful chemicals that is released when materials like wood and charcoal are incompletely burned. This chemical generally gets deposited along the side of chimneys, in the firebox and in smoke chamber is highly susceptible to catch fire and can cause serious fire hazards if you dont get it cleared. Moreover, this chemical fire cannot be easily put out and can quickly spread to the rest of the house in no time.

When should chimneys be cleaned?

Chimney cleaning should be done regularly depending on the usage of your fireplace. Even if your chimney has not been put to use for a long time, still it is a good practice to get it inspected by a professional to zero out any lurking defects. The best time to clean the chimneys is after the winter months as chimneys are mostly put to use during this time. If you are shifting to a new house, it is wise to get your chimney checked before you move in with your family.

The cleaning activity should be left at the hands of chimney professionals as they possess expert knowledge and the tools necessary to do the job effectively. Although experts display a lot of concentration and precision during the cleaning process, the household items should be properly covered to avoid any soot deposit on them. Family members especially kids and old men should be made to wear breathing masks for additional safety.