Detecting Asbestos In Homes Or Businesses

It is possible there is ¬†asbestos in somewhere in your home that you didn’t know existed. With a little searching older houses you are bound to find some asbestos. If you search through an old home chances are you will find asbestos. Without a doubt if the section containing asbestos shows no wear or tear there should be nothing to be concerned about. Areas that are worn and tattered would be a possible sign of air contamination.

You cannot accurately determine asbestos in a material by visually examining it. It is definitely hard to determine if older building materials have asbestos or not. Numerous homes built before the end of the 1908’s show some kinds of asbestos. It was not until the early 1980’s that materials that contained asbestos were banned for use in buildings. Having it tested would give a clear result. You can either hire a company to come and do a test, or buy a kit that tests specifically for asbestos.

Testing for asbestos on your own requires some safety measures to be followed. Keep your hands and face protected while you scrape a test piece off that has been moistened with water. Usually this is the type of task you woul want a expert to deal with. Most homeowners aren’t experienced enough to handle toxic substances. Toxic airborne particles can cause adverse effects on anyone living in the building. Its a good choice to stay safe than risk being exposed.

What Steps To Take Now That Asbestos Has Been Uncovered

Cautiously take out all of the asbestos on your own, or search for a certified pro in removing asbestos. To tackle the work yourself you must rent or buy a HEPA air machine for trapping airborne toxins. Items like old clothes, shoes and face mask will be used but need to be disposable, as well as having a water source close by. During the removal process it is imperative to keep the asbestos wet.

An experienced asbestos removal company is the safest route when getting rid of asbestos. Asbestos removal experts are trained for the safe removal of asbestos. They can remove anything from asbestos roof shingles to vinyl floor tiles. Have a certified expert come to your home to give you advice. The asbestos will be safely removed by following a strategic plan. To make sure all of the asbestos is out of the air, an air quality test is performed. To conclude, most DIY jobs do not include removing asbestos.